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“Master Your Grow Room” with the PRO – TOUCH MASTER CONTROLLER!!!

The PT-MC2CH controller is designed to be used with our “pro” series lights like the F660’s and the F800’s. The controller is fully adjustable and has a touch screen along with being a two-channel controller to allow you to control two separate rooms independently or you can link them together. Features of the controller:
  • Central Switching, Dimming, and Controlling up to 2 x120 LED Drivers or Ballasts.
  • Auto-Dimming on over Temperature or Auto Shut Down on Emergency Temperatures.
  •  Over Temperature & Low Humidity Protection Interphase.
  •  A/B Groups can be Independent or Synchronized with each other.
  •  Autopilot – Daily Cycle or Free Cycle.
  •  Convenient Sunrise or Sunset Settings.
  • Can be used with LED drivers and ballasts
  • 3 Year Warranty

Simple Instructions:

  • Please set up and install your Grow Lights and the Pro Touch Controller.
  • Turn the Grow Light knob to EXT (External Control Mode).
  • Install the provided Temperature & Humidity sensor in your group A/B areas.
  • Plug the RJ14 Control Wire Plug into the Controller and other side RJ14 Plug to your first Grow Light.
  • Use RJ14 Cables to Daisy Chain up to a total of 240 LED Drivers or Ballasts (120 Per Group)*.
    • Pro series F660 lights = 3 drivers per light (max 80 per controller or 40 per channel)
    • Pro series F800 lights = 4 drivers per light (max 60 per controller or 30 per channel)
    • *NOTE: Check with your LED Grow Light company to see how many drivers or ballasts they use per light.
  • Power on AC to Grow Light and Controller power supply.
  • Adjust settings to your desired levels.
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