Modular Grow System

Seed to Harvest Technology

Modular Design

No more extra power wires all over the place! Connect up to 9 light fixtures together on one 120v 15A circuit. All of this is done by just using one (1) power cord as all the fixtures can be easily daisy chained together.


Multiple fixture configurations you can connect together from rectangle, square and straight line shapes.

Fully Dimmable

Optional dimmer available to plug right into your fixture with a simple plug and play connection.

Selectable Color

Powered by FULL SPECTRUM Samsung LM301B LEDs. Our light gives you the ability to optimize your “vegetative” cycle by switching on additional blue (470 nm) LEDs or maximize your yields during the “flowering” cycle by switching on deep red (660 nm) LEDs.

UL or ETL (Pending)

Your Safety is Our Main Concern!

Universal Voltage

True universal voltage light. Auto sensing from 120v and 277v and anything in between.

Configuration Examples

Using the MGS100 as the base light, these configurations can be up to your creativity and can be any shape and style that you please. The Modular Grow System allows you to connect fixtures together as your needs expand. Start with just one MGS100 fixture and add up to 8 additional fixtures.
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    2 Panel (200w, 1.68A)

    Great for tents!

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    3 Panel (300w, 2.52A)

    Straight Line Configuration

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    4 Panel (400w, 3.36A)

    Square Configuration

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    6 Panel (600w, 5.04A)

    Rectangle Configuration


We believe in being transparent showing PAR charts of actual “usable PPF” testing we have done. Each test starts with a warm-up of the lights for 30 minutes,  we then use an Apogee MQ-500 quantum meter measured from the top of the sensor (not the floor) for the readings along with mylar walls in our test box. If you have questions on this or how to do this yourself, please contact us we will be happy to assist you.

MGS100 (Single Light 100w)

Loyalty Program for MGS100 Light

Contact us for DISCOUNT if you want to add another light to one you have already purchased.